Where it all began…

The “Give Me a Chance” Children’s Foundation” was established in October 2004 by Delarey and Sandie Brugman. The couple created the Foundation in an effort to make a tangible contribution to South African society which would allow them to look back at the establishment of an organization that would change lives and instil hope into communities that have lost faith.

The inspiration:

“It all began with a young man called Marco Hendriks. Marco was a 16 years old orphan from our rural community, Kylemore, when I first got the opportunity to talk to him. ‘What would you like to become one day?’ I enquired upon which this child, with no seeming future from a rural informal settlement replied, ‘an Auditor, sir’. Surprised by his knowledge I questioned his reasoning to which I found: ‘I promised myself that my children would not grow up like I do’. It broke my heart. I realised that all this child needs is a shot at life. This is what “Give me a Chance” does. Finding children with courage, against the odds and giving them an opportunity to make it.”