About Us


The ultimate mission of the ‘Give Me a Chance’ Children’s Foundation is to create a new generation of socially responsible and contributing members of the South African society.


The Foundation wants to give promising children an opportunity in life that has proven their courage way above the challenges of poverty and have demonstrated some form of achievement against all odds. ‘Give Me a Chance’ beliefs that children, when given the opportunity, have the ability to help themselves to succeed with the right support structures, extricating them from their perilous and hopeless alternative outcomes.

We believe life is about people and therefore we do not invest into bricks and mortar or well-to-do actions with a shot gun approach, no; we invest directly into a promising human beings life, striving with hope against all the odds of becoming financially self reliant and contributing towards life and understanding and sensitive towards the environment. The beneficiaries are encouraged to rework their benefit once commercially active back into their respective.

At Kylemore secondary school a great opportunity exists with our objective of creating a curriculum which would bring underperforming schools’ scholastic performance in line with prominent schools. This process is still in progress and holds in it enormous potential to positively influence the community.


Comprehensive support for individual candidates

In the capacity of its vision, the ‘Give Me a Chance’ Children’s Foundation is committed to ensuring that each of its adopted children:

Are provided with an opportunity to gain educational advancement that they otherwise would not have access to;
Are given the opportunity to realize their own personal achievement, whether academically, artistically, or within the realm of sports;
Have instilled in them a deep sense of social responsibility through which they will use the opportunities given to them to positively affect the lives of others;
Are trained in leadership and life skills to allow them advancement in their futures and ensure that they are well equipped to make the transition to commercial activity;
Are empowered to help themselves out of financial dependency; and
Become influential and contributing members of society.

Contributions to the Foundation funds a student’s school fees. School fees include the following:

I – School Fees (varies from R7000 – R15 000)
II -Hostel Fees
III -School Uniforms
IV -Books and Stationery
V -Sport Equipment
VI -Advanced Course Fees

Comprehensive support for Kylemore Secondary School


“Give me a Chance” together with Mr. de Vries, principle of Kylemore Secondary School, identified a need in the educational opportunities for the children of the school. This is mainly because of a lack of financial support from the community and government. “Give me a Chance” Children’s Foundation sees the need to assist in the school’s needs:

They urgently require two more teachers.
Computer facilities
Science class and equipment
After school tutoring programmes
Mentoring programmes

Financial Objectives

Generate sufficient funds that would be put towards various low-risk (inflation outperforming in capital growth) investments from which the generated proceeds would be able to fund the operational objectives of the Foundation;
Currently all monies are put towards beneficiary expenses. With your support we could develop into an organization that will benefit children and communities into perpetuity.

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